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Huawei P40: main sensor will have less resolution than the Galaxy S20 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

According to the Chinese source MyDrivers, the Huawei P40 Pro family will come equipped with a...

Vodafone UK raises the bar with VoLTE calls on RED tariffs

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Chuwi Hi9 Pro: A good Android tablet doesn't have to be expensive

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Xiaomi unveils a terribly priced alarm clock you’ll want to have!

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Mozilla launches VPN service for your smartphone or computer

Mozilla is mostly known for the Firefox browser, but has now launched a new service that will spark a lot of interest. This is a VPN that you can use on Android, Windows or Chormebook.

A VPN can be a key ally if you want to remain anonymous when surfing the internet. In addition to hiding your data on the network, this service can be the gateway to sites that are normally blocked at your location.


Mozilla promises fast and secure browsing

The VPN service that Mozilla launches now is based on the Wireguard protocol. This guarantees faster and safer navigation than many of its competitors.

This service will allow the connection of up to five devices simultaneously, with a single subscription. In addition, you will be given access to servers from more than 30 different countries.

Mozilla’s VPN has a free plan, but with some limitations

One of the plans made available by Mozilla gives you free access to this VPN through an extension for the Firefox browser. However, this option will store, for 24 hours, an “unidentifiable” history of your browsing.

Mozilla guarantees that this data will not be linked to any user while it is stored. Still, there is no guarantee that the company has no way of triangulating this information on its servers.

If you want to be completely anonymous you will have at your disposal a plan with a monthly fee of 4.99 dollars. This modality will offer all the potential of this service.

The Swedish company guarantees that with this package none of your data will be stored. After all, this is the basic purpose of a VPN and the required monthly fee is not as heavy as that.

This VPN is still in beta

The least positive part of this news is the fact that this VPN is in beta and limited to the USA. We still don’t have information on when other countries can be added.

While it doesn’t arrive in UK, we have a compilation of the 8 best free VPNs currently available. These cover all platforms so that you can surf safely in any situation.

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