This seems to be the fate of foldable smartphones. After reports of examples of the Galaxy Z Flip with damaged screens, now is the time to see a similar testimony for the Motorola Razr.

The case is presented to us through the publication Inputmag. One of its editors noticed that the screen of his Motorola Razr started to take off in the area of ​​its hinge.

Motorola razr

According to his report, the Razr in question was used for one week without any damage. Furthermore, it is reinforced that the smartphone was never dropped or squeezed.

Motorola Razr screen started to take off for no apparent reason

Raymond Wong, of Inputmag, says that during the morning and the afternoon of yesterday his Motorola Razr was in perfect condition. In fact, Wong sent a photo of the equipment to a friend and, at that moment, everything was in perfect condition.

The unexpected happened after a 45-minute drive between Queens and Manhattan, New York. When he took the Motorola Razr out of his pocket he noticed that the top of the screen was peeling off.

Motorola razr

Unfortunately, the damage is not merely cosmetic. He notes that Razr has stopped responding to the touches made on that part of the screen. The rest of this component continues to function perfectly.

Temperature changes can cause the problem

No one can say for sure what caused the Motorola Razr screen to take off, but the author of this report points to a possible reason. For him, the abrupt changes in temperature may be the source of the problem.

Motorola razr

In your testimony, it can be read that the Motorola Razr in question was used outdoors, with temperatures around -1Cº. Later, Raymond Wong used it at home, in a much warmer environment, and it was after exposing the smartphone to low temperatures again that the damage occurred.

So far, Motorola has not commented on this event. For now, this is an isolated problem, but there is no guarantee that if the experiment is repeated, we will not have the same result.

In any case, these reports are beginning to instill a certain fear among consumers regarding the durability of this type of equipment. Hopefully, this was effectively an isolated event.

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