Home Mobile Motorola One Action is the mid-range of the moment! Watch the action camera videos in action!

Motorola One Action is the mid-range of the moment! Watch the action camera videos in action!

Motorola One Action is the mid-range of the moment! Watch the action camera videos in action!

During another event held in Brazil, Motorola unveiled last Friday the new Motorola One Action, intended for lovers of video recording. This is because it comes equipped with an action camera.

To show the world what this groundbreaking camera can do, the manufacturer has posted a number of live demo videos on its YouTube channel.

One of the most interesting cameras for under € 260

The capabilities of Motorola One Action become even more interesting after looking at its price, which should be € 259 euros for the various markets in Europe.

Its main camera has several features that make it very special. First, it captures video in a 21: 9 aspect ratio and has a 117º ultra wide angle lens, ensuring you can include many more elements in the image. Another of the unique details is the presence of a rotating camera, which allows you to record videos horizontally, even if you have your smartphone oriented vertically.

Since the manufacturer uses the "action camera" concept to characterize Motorola One Action cameras, one of the key points is the presence of advanced stabilization mechanisms. However, to the surprise of many, the smartphone does not come with optical image stabilization (OIS). Instead, the brand has decided to focus on digital video stabilization, which can achieve impressive results.

In order to make their action camera (16MP sensor in the triple camera module) as versatile as possible, they had to ensure that it could deliver impressive results in low light environments. For this, the sensor uses fish binning 4-in-1 to improve results in this type of environment.

Finally, in the published videos we still see Timelapse and Cinemagraph modes highlighted. The first captures sequential photographs over a period of time so that you can create a video by joining all the photos into one animated sequence.

Cinemagraph Mode seems to be one of the most interesting modes, where it seems possible to highlight an element of a video while maintaining its animation while the rest of the environment is 'frozen'.

Although a specific date has not been confirmed for the arrival of Motorola One Action in the UK's market, the same should happen during the coming weeks. You will be expected to keep your price of € 259 when it becomes available for purchase.

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