Motorola: Mystery Smartphone Introduces Pop-Up Camera Design in Real Images

Motorola: Mystery Smartphone Introduces Pop-Up Camera Design in Real Images

Motorola continues to give up the struggle to become one of the most sought after smartphone makers again, taking advantage of its still great popularity in major markets such as Brazil. However, their high-end smartphones still have a hard time competing with their rivals.

Now real new images of a branded mystery smartphone reveal a new design bet. So far, we've seen Motorola smartphones arrive with notch and even a punch hole. However, this would be the first to feature a pop-up camera.

Motorola pop up camera

What do we know about this mysterious Motorola

The information on this new smartphone is sparse, not to say non existent. All we know is the result of these photographs posted on the @MotorolaLatinoAmerica Facebook page, and the rest is pure speculation at this early stage.

Still, it is believed that this could be one of the next elements of the Motorola One or Moto G family, presenting itself as a possible high-end smartphone.

Motorola mystery smartphone

The presence of the pop-up camera allows Motorola to finally present a smartphone that offers a true experience. Full viewhaving extremely thin margins. Only its lower margin is slightly thicker but still quite slender.

Motorola smartphone

Its rear panel is what leaves more doubts as to the segment where this smartphone will be integrated. Motorola usually places the fingerprint reader on its logo, positioned in the center of the back of smartphones. However, this model seems to have only one LED ring without the presence of the brand logo, which is present but in the 'Huawei style'.

Motorola Popup

Therefore, we are unable to understand if this LED circle will only serve for notifications and the like, while the biometric sensor may be present on your screen.

Certainly, over the coming weeks, more information will continue to emerge about the first Motorola smartphone to come with a pop-up camera.

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