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The new interactive map of The Witcher clarifies where and when each event happened

The Witcher interactive map Not long ago, Netflix published a timeline that helped locate the main events seen during this first season of The Wticher....

Epson EH-TW5650: the complete review 2020

By marketing the EH-TW5650, Epson does not hide its objective: to compete with the BenQ W2000 which is a benchmark among Full HD Home...

Xiaomi is conquering Western Europe. You’ve already thrown Huawei off the podium!

We had known for a long time that Xiaomi had arrived to stay in Europe, betting...

Motorola Razr 5G: know the price of the new foldable

Motorola is preparing to launch the successor of its first foldable to the market. The new...

Motorola has a card up its sleeve for smartphone battery

Motorola has a card up its sleeve for smartphone battery
Motorola Moto G4 Plus

Motorola is preparing to further improve its smartphones. The company, now led by Lenovo, is one of the companies with the best software management for device autonomy. This good autonomy management is primarily due to the User Interface very similar to Stock Android.

The Android Operating System may even be very customizable and have a freedom above the competitor iOS, however, when it comes to the feature, Android simply can't keep up.

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Android smartphones need a lot of RAM, a big battery and more powerful graphics to match Apple's terminal performance, which is why companies are trying hard to implement new strategies that set them apart from the competition.

Apparently Motorola has one more card up its sleeve for its future smartphones. The company has just registered the name "Phone Life Balance" in the United States and this means that it will be a feature for future Moto smartphones.

Of course, nothing guarantees that "Phone Life Balance" is related to device autonomy, but let's think about the name … "Smartphone Life Balance."

Motorola notes "name" that makes us anticipate better smartphone battery balance

It is not just Motorola that seeks at all costs to bring autonomy above average. Huawei is one of the brands that has also been working hard to use the smartphone to understand where and how to save autonomy.

With artificial intelligence (AI) getting closer and closer to our smartphones, it's a matter of time before batteries get longer, just simply give an AI responsibility to manage it more efficiently.

While there is no physical solution that will make our batteries last days and days without charging, such solutions seem to be the way to go.

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Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors

Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors Images Youtube Videos

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