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Top 5 VPNs for Google Chrome 2020 (they really work!) While you are online, your web browser constantly sends information collected about you to every website...

Samsung DeX will finally be everything we wanted! Big surprise on the way

Samsung DeX was presented with great ambitions, making it possible to transform Samsung's high-end smartphones into...

DJI Ronin S2 and SC2, the renewal of its two most attractive gimbals

DJI renews its most attractive range of stabilizers The DJI Osmo Mobile are, without a doubt, the most popular gimbals of the manufacturer. They are...

This is what you will have to pay to expand the memory of your Xbox Series X

How much do Xbox Series X memory cards cost? On the Best Buy website the product file with its official price has already been posted,...

Most popular of the week: iPhone 2019, Xiaomi leaves MIUI Beta, Huawei looks for alternatives to Android and more

The technology keeps evolving and the news keeps coming. Xiaomi was again the star with the release of Mi Band 4 and Amazfit Verge 2. However, the community is not happy with their abandonment of the MUIU Beta program. However, Huawei seems to want to reduce expenses and opt for an operating system already made.

1 – Xiaomi has Pocophone F1 off Android Q list

Xiaomi has released a list of the first 11 mobile phones that will receive Android Q. Unfortunately the Pocophone F1 is not one of them. The Pocophone was extremely popular in its release due to its well below average price and top notch features.

2 – iPhone XI and iPhone XR 2019 Have Camera Design Revealed

Much has been speculated about the camera design of the new iPhones. Through camera protectors made for the iPhone XI and XR 2019 we know that Apple will put a triple camera configuration, including a wide angle.

iphone xi

3 – The end of MIUI Beta is causing community outrage

Xiaomi has used its users to get a taste of its interface ahead of time through the MIUI Beta program. Like Android, anyone who wanted to could install a trial version and test the new features before reaching the final version.

However, this will end on July 1st. Community feedback was not friendly and users were not happy.

4 – Huawei may use an altered version of Sailfish OS

The open-source operating system Sailfish OS may be Huawei's 'secret weapon'. In the search for the alternative to Android, it seems that Huawei decided to negotiate with Russia and buy a custom version of Sailfish OS.

Although not yet confirmed, it is quite a viable option for Huawei as making a root mobile operating system to compete with Android will not be easy.

5 – Is it worth buying the Mi Band 4?

mi band 3 vs mi band 4

If you already have a Xiaomi Mi Band 3, you might consider buying a Mi Band 4. The color OLED screen is certainly a point of attraction in addition to future voice assistant and music control functions.

Apart from that, both smartbands are very similar. Our article explains the differences so you can make the best decision.

6 – Amazfit Verge 2 may put Apple Watch 4 aside

amazfit "height =" 350 "src =" https://cdn.EBox.pt/images/amazfit-verge-2-3-0-cke-0.jpg "width =" 685 "/></span></p>
<p>In addition to Mi Band 4, Xiaomi has also launched the complete Amazwatch Verge 2 smartwatch. It is impossible not to pay attention to this gadget as it brings quite advanced functions for the price.</p>
<p>In fact, Amazfit Verge 2 costs half the price of an Apple Watch 4 and has two of its most important features.</p>
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