Mortal Kombat arcade arrives at Supreme price

Mortal Kombat arcade arrives at Supreme price

This is the arcade of Supreme and Mortal Kombat

During the month of August of this same summer, Supreme announced a series of new products that they were going to sell on a limited basis with their logo stamped on them or with some customization. You know, that type of action that allows them not only to generate great expectation but also to set prices that would hardly be paid if they were not theirs.

Well, among all those diamond watches or red lipstick – how could it be otherwise – a Mortal Kombat arcade game. An Arcade cabinet like the one that could be found in arcades years ago with a custom design for the brand where not only the color red predominates, you can also see Raiden with an outfit that includes the Supreme logo.

This arcade machine is on sale now and its price is not going to be cheap to say, although it is not surprising either. Because in 2018 they already did something similar with a circulation of 100 pinballs that they put on sale for $ 11,000 each. Machines that taking away a dozen units that the general public could choose were reserved for acquaintances and friends of the brand.

This last detail meant that these machines could later be found at auctions, reaching a value double and even triple with respect to the original. Something that, again, is not surprising because it is the usual thing that usually happens with this brand and any of its products, although some more than others.

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Regarding the recreational one itself, in the Instagram account it has been announced its sale and they have done so by recovering a video where a Former US Senator criticized the game it includes, Mortal Kombat, for its level of violence. A fragment that may sound like you have seen in the recent documentary High Score (chapter 5) that Netflix launched.

Considering Supreme’s style and how controversial Midway’s game has always been, it’s easier to understand the anticipation for such a release. Although no matter how much you put both brands together, it is likely that not everyone is willing to pay $ 3,500 per title. And it is that if more or less it is launched to those $ 11,000 that we discussed before, by including Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat we would have each game cost that more or less.

Anyway, this is ultimately just one of those actions Supreme plays with to demonstrate its exclusivity and eye-catching ability. Because for most that price is out of reach. And because with a little skill, a Raspberry Pi and emulators you can build your own Arcade and much more.


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