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We already have the actor who will play The Penguin in the new Batman movie

Colin Farrell will be The Penguin Nowadays it is very complicated to keep the filming of certain films secret. Unless you do it in closed...

Waiting for GTA 6? Next Grand Theft Auto may not be what you expect!

There is little doubt that Rockstar will be working on GTA 6 for the new generation...

Apple further lowers iPhone production. The pressure goes on!

Apple has again lowered iPhone production by another 10%. This means that Tim Cook's words last...

The new LG screen brings as standard what for many is already essential

LG UltraFine Ergo, goodbye to the classic base That many manufacturers bet on CES to present their news for next year is not new. Moreover,...

More than 300 companies are eager to work with Huawei! If the US leaves them like that!

A few days ago we said that Qualcomm was one of the brands that received temporary permission to work with Huawei. What we didn’t know is that Huawei has a huge fleet of manufacturers that want to work with the brand again.

There were more than 300 companies that requested permission from the United States government to return to work with Huawei. We know that Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung and TSMC are ready to manufacture bulk orders.

Huawei may return to the limelight

Huawei logo

We still don’t know if Google is part of one of these companies, however, I don’t see the reason for not doing so. Google was one of the companies that said it did not agree with the US measure on Huawei.

However, an executive order from the (still) President of the USA stated that American manufacturers could not negotiate with Huawei due to fears of spying on the citizens of the country.

Therefore, Huawei was losing relevance in the market. The brand that surpassed Samsung for the first time in the sale of smartphones in the world, ended up losing ground to compete.

Samsung leads alone at the moment, Huawei remains in second, however, much due to the enormous popularity it has in China. This is because Huawei has been (little by little) losing its prominence in Europe in the past.

Huawei craves US presidential poll results

Like most of the world, Huawei is also looking forward to the results of the vote for President of the United States of America. If Donald Trump wins again, there is another 4 years of suffering for the brand. However, Joe Biden is ahead and it looks like he will be the winner of these presidential elections. This could be the breath of fresh air that Huawei needs.

At the end of the day, you will only have to convince the new American government and its president that you have nothing to hide and that you are not looking to do any kind of spying on North American users. Maybe, everything will be back to normal soon.

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Android 12 should bring a system of themes to personalize your smartphone

Android has always been known as the operating system with greater freedom of customization when purchased...

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