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More than 1 million works of art accessible for free

Works of art at high resolution and free


One of the great achievements of the internet has been that, bring culture to millions of users No matter where you are and your social class. Just have interest and an internet connection to learn about art or anything else you can think of.

Even so, there is not always content that you can download freely and legally. At least, not some very specific issues. Art is one of them for obvious copyright reasons. But several Parisian museums do allow you to download a good number of their works of art, which have gone and continue to digitize.

Cartorce French museums They have created a website where you can consult a large number of works of art available in their museums and that they themselves have been in charge of digitizing. This not only gives the option to consult them online, it is also a good way to ensure that they will continue to exist even in the worst case (destruction or irreparable deterioration of it).

Through a search system that allows you to filter the works by author, date, material used for its elaboration, including range of colors used, thematic or times, this website gives the option to download those that are already cataloged as Creative Commons Thus, when you download it, you will be able to print them if you want and want to be able to create your own copy.

If you access the web you will see that there are many other works, but as we said only the one with a CC license can be downloaded. Among them there are all kinds of material, although personally I find those that belong to the category of photographs very attractive. You have to search, but you can find very old images of the Paris of 1800.

The art available to everyone

Public access artwork

This Paris initiative is not the first or the only one. The MET has already created a similar collection that you can see from here and that also allows access and download of a large catalog of works that are already owned by everyone. You simply have to search through their collections and if they indicate that they are in the public domain you can download it.

As we say there are many more sites from which you can download works of art and other related content. If you want to dive between any of these sites, here is a list and approximate number of available works.

Only with the first you have to entertain yourself for a while looking. Although it will depend on your interests to go before one or the other. Still, it’s a matter of research.

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