More details of Wandavision: it was filmed with an audience and in the style of the 50s

More details of Wandavision: it was filmed with an audience and in the style of the 50s

Wandavision, very much like the sitcoms of the 90s

With the year so complicated that Disney is having at the level of film and TV premieres, we can say that The Scarlet Witch and Vision -Remember that this is how it will be called in UK- it will be almost like a balm in this 2020. Yes, it is true that the second season of the famous The Mandalorian has already arrived and is being a success, but the universe of Marvel, belonging to Disney, is orphaned of new material because of the multiple delays of COVID-19 and this, ultimately, affects the mouse company.

What we still do not know exactly is when we will see the series on the content platform. Supposedly it will hit the catalog in December, but so far we have not had any clear signal from the firm. Many fear that the company decided to change plans at the last minute and eventually Wandavision be delayed to 2021.

Others, however, hope that in a few days it will be done. official the date and we can finish the year, as planned, with the series on screen. Be that as it may, one thing is clear to us: when it opens, it will offer us a quite special format and a rather unexpected and unusual proposal to what many probably expect.

A very special Disney + series

From the small previews we have had of The Scarlet Witch and Vision, we can infer that this is not a series of “traditional” cut. We have black and white images and a very American sitcom staging that will then give way to other color sequences in an at least crazy approach.

Now we have also learned that during the recording certain measures were taken at least curious. To begin with, the chapters were recorded with an audience like the “before” series. Those attending the filming had to sign a confidentiality contract quite strict, from what they count, which is why so far nothing has been known (until Entertainment Weekly, has published it exclusively through an interview with its protagonists, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany).

Both Olsen and Bettany acknowledge that this was a challenge for them, especially for the actor, who has not stepped on a stage with a live audience for years.


It is not the only curiosity we know about him filming. It turns out that we have also discovered that lenses and lighting from the 50’s and that even the film crew was dressed in period clothing. Everything to recreate a much more special setting for a series that will certainly not go unnoticed by anyone.

Tell us, do you also want to see it as much as we do?


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