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More details of LG smartphone with scrollable screen revealed

After two years in which foldable smartphones were the center of innovation in the market mobile, he is now preparing for something irreverent. Smartphones with scrollable screens seem to be closer than imagined and LG will be one of the pioneers in this technology.

Now, more details have emerged about the operation of this irreverent South Korean equipment. The data was shared by user Tron, on Twitter, and gives us a more concrete idea of ​​how the likely LG Rollable will work.

LG Rollable MechanicsThe patented LG smartphone has a flexible display that can be rolled up partially in the housing. In its most compact form, you can use the size of a regular smartphone at will. The phone can be ejected left and right thanks to the roll-slide mechanism.

– Tron (@cozyplanes) December 5, 2020

LG Rollable will have a screen that will expand to the sides

From what the source says in his profile on this social network, we look at a concept with some similarities to the LG Wing. That is, we will have an apparently conventional smartphone, but it hides a secret that sets it apart from the competition.

When in its smallest format, the possible LG Rollable resembles a conventional smartphone. But whenever the user wants, he can “pull” the screen, from both the right and left sides, to have a wider working area.

Apparently, when fully open, this LG Rollable can reach 7.4 inches, simulating what folders already offer. However, the great advantage of this concept is that you will only use that dimension if you wish.


It will be possible to pull only one side of the smartphone, it is not mandatory that the “abras” until its total expansion. To prevent the screen from closing abruptly, a screen locking mechanism will be incorporated.

LG scrollable screen will always be protected

Several concepts of this type of smartphones show a screen that expands without a side structure. It is as if you just pulled the screen out, but that will not happen in the LG product.

According to the same source, this device will have a superior structure that will expand depending on the screen. That is, the frame that supports the smartphone screen will accompany the panel so that it has the necessary protection and support.

This range of information gives us a more concrete idea of ​​how this irreverent device should work. Accordingly, LG’s bet seems to be a derivation of the foldable ones, but it offers the user greater freedom of choice in the size of the screen they want to use.

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