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Morbius and the curious story of the living vampire from the new Sony movie

Who is morbius

Unless you are more involved in everything that has to do with the comic world, it is normal that you only sound the most popular characters Marvel such as Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man or Captain America, to name a few of the most famous. However, the universe of the publishing house is gigantic, something that you may have been intuiting with the numerous series and films that are expected for the next few years by the hand of Disney – and of which we usually talk to you here.

Why do we reflect on this? Well, because now one of those characters has just appeared on the scene who, a priori, are not so famous and who, however, will even have their own movie in theaters shortly. Yes, we talk about Morbius, and you will wonder: who the hell is he?


Morbius is a living vampire with superhuman powers that is part of the long history of Spider-Man. After this villain is a reputed scientist named Michael Morbius, which ends up becoming a kind of vampire (extremely strong, greedy for blood and light aversion) after a failed experiment in which he tried to solve the strange blood disease he suffers.


The character, who first appeared in issue 101 of “The Amazing Spider-Man” (1963) has a curious story at the editorial level: it turns out that the comics in which it appeared were censored by the Comics Code Authority of the USA, in a period in which the Association of Comics Magazines of the United States decided to ban the publication of vignettes in which scenes and objects related to torture, vampires, undead, demons, cannibalism and Wolfman. The decision was imposed to try to reduce the excessively explicit horror comics (well, at least they were considered then) that had emerged in the early 1950s.


It is said that Stan Lee, father, as you know, of many of Marvel’s iconic characters, came to write a screenplay for a movie about Morbius, in whose construction of the character Lee’s right hand, Roy Thomas, participated. In fact, he is credited with the merit of the birth of this living vampire so scary and not Lee, as some believe.

Morbius, the new Sony movie

Like the Spider-Man rights, remember, they belong to Sony, this has been responsible for bringing the character to the big screen. The company already did well with the play with Venom (another of the great villains of the Spider-Man stories), so he has decided to repeat formula with another evil evil.


Jared Leto He is responsible for giving life to this character in the film, whose synopsis we know he will present to us the origins of Morbius, with his attempt precisely to cure the disease he suffers and subsequent transformation into vampire. They accompany him in the adventure Adria Arjona, like Martine Bancroft (his fiancee); Matt Smith as Loxias; Michael Keaton as Vulture; and Jared Harris who would be “Morbius’s mentor” – it is rumored, therefore, that he could give life to the Dr. Octopus, which would also appear in the film, although at the moment it is an assumption.

We will not have to wait long for its premiere. Sony has confirmed that Morbius will be released on July 31 of this year.

Morbius Trailer

Without further delay and once informed about everything you have to know about Morbius, it’s time to see the trailer. Sit back and enjoy. The breakthrough looks fantastic.

Trailer Morbius in the original version

Trailer Morbius in English

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