Monster Hunter, the first teaser faces Milla Jovovich and Black Diablos

Monster Hunter, the first teaser faces Milla Jovovich and Black Diablos

Something big is coming

Teasers are those small previews that the entertainment industry has gotten used to releasing before the first trailer, where much more is usually told and shown. Still sometimes in just 16 seconds you already have enough information as to whether or not you want to go see a movie at the cinema.

Does that happen with Monster Hunter film adaptation? Well, you can rate for yourself. Because the production company has published the first teaser. Not much is told in it, but just by seeing Jovovich mile and what will be one of the monsters in the film seems to be more than enough for fans of the actress (whom many recognize from the Resident Evil saga) and the video game itself.

However, it is also interesting to see a bit of the visual aesthetics of what we are going to find and whether or not it fits with the idea that we have in mind after years of playing different deliveries for different video game platforms.

Of course, another point that draws the attention of the Monster Hunter teaser is that they continue to indicate that the premiere will be during the December and only in cinemas. Risky decision seeing what happened with James Bond, Black Widow or Wonder Woman among many other films? Maybe yes, although it is also assumed that there are titles where the expectations regarding the entrance at the box office are much lower.

Therefore, it is not the same for a title like this to raise a little less than expected than for more popular productions like Tenet, which expected to make 1,000 million and has practically remained at 290 million dollars.

Monster Hunter, the movie

Monster Hunter The Movie

Monster Hunter is for many a well-known game. In it you must hunt down gigantic monsters and show your best skills to kill them. Therefore, it is easy to imagine what his film adaptation is about.

The movie of Monster Hunter shows us Lieutenant Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and his unit (TI Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta) after being transported to a new world after a major sandstorm. The soldiers thus find themselves in a hostile and unknown environment where huge and terrifying monsters live, immune to their firepower.

During the first engagement, the unit encounters Hunter (played by Tony Jaa), a hunter with abilities that allow him to take advantage of these giant creatures. This is how they manage to beat that first monster and it all begins for him and Artemis, who little by little takes confidence and discovers that he is part of a team led by the Admiral (Ron Perlman). However, both will have to join forces to end a threat that could destroy the earth.


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