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Google Pixel 4: Smartphone prices could be an advantage

We are about two weeks from the presentation of the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4...

Xiaomi Mi Play, the best solution to Mi A2 Lite is on sale for 150 €

Xiaomi Mi Play was officially launched by the Asian brand in December and is finally available...

The new Chromecast with Android TV is closer

Get ready for the new Chromecast For a few months we have already talked about a new Chromecast. A device that this time would change...

Nokia will bring its TVs to Europe later this year

Nokia introduced itself to the smart television market last year. Based on what we already know...

Modern Warfare Season 2 includes all this: maps, weapons, modes and battle pass

The war continues in Call of Duty

The new season in Call of Duty It comes with more of everything. We will have more weapons, more maps, more modes, more characters and more action. All content will be available for free, and there will be news for both multiplayer and single player campaign.

In campaign mode, Captain Price will send to Ghost to the city of Verdansk to put an end to Al-Qatala’s plans, which aim to use the chemical gas obtained to sow terror. Ghost’s appearance in the story will be related to the multiplayer, as players will have the opportunity to choose it as operated in games with other players. In addition, two new weapons will be included, Grau 5.56 Y Striker 45.

New maps

In addition to the new operator, a mythical map is back to stay. We talk about Rust, the oil tank located in the middle of the desert that premiered in Modern Warfare 2 and that is characterized by offering numerous high altitude areas from which to bet and surprise the rival. It will be available in standard multiplayer and shooting modes.

We will also receive the Atlas supermarket, a map located in a shopping center taken by the forces of Al-Qatala that will surprise by its corridors and wide areas in which to cross shots; or Bazaar, The Urzikstan market that will be available in Shooting modes offering a symmetrical design that will ensure fun games.

We will also have a fourth map available, Zhokov Boneyard, a map located in a scrapping of Verdansk airplanes where we can run through junk while we play in the Terrestrial War.

Later other maps will arrive as Khandor Hideout, which will not be available until midseason.

New game modes

To offer more fun to the games will come new game modes to each more interesting. In Demolition We will enjoy a game similar to Search and destroy, with the difference that teams can attack bomb zones within a limited time, with the peculiarity that ending these zones offers extra time.

Infected Land War will introduce infected, so that the team must work together so as not to fall ill. In the case of infecting, players will get limited loads and extra movement skills, being able to attack in horde to kill all the remaining survivors.

In NVG Reinforce we will be in total darkness, and it poses a hybrid way between Domination and Search and destruction. If you are a night vision lover … this is your way.

When will the second season of Modern Warfare be available?

COD Season 2

The update will be available from tomorrow, February 11, so you only have to update the game to enjoy all the news included in the new version. As always, you can purchase the battle pass to unlock the 100 levels of content with more than 100 extra items to customize weapons and character. The battle pass package will be available throughout the season, and when you buy it you will have access to the 100 levels of the season (obtaining all that you have exceeded when you purchase it) and you will also get 20 level jumps immediately.

The interesting thing is that the novelties of the season will not end here, since in addition to the extra map that will arrive in the middle of it, two new operators Mace and Talon will also arrive.

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They discover a patent that could be in charge of making the future GTA 6 more realistic

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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, now at the best price on AliExpress

The January sales have always been characterized as one of the best times of the year to get the odd interesting bargain. This...

Man caught punching confinement to play Pokémon GO fined

With the Covid-19 pandemic worsening around the world, many countries are in confinement. This is...

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