MIUI 11 is about to receive a new security feature that all Android users will want to have on their smartphones. Android 10 came to implement several security features, in order to limit application access to unnecessary permissions.

However, it seems that Xiaomi is not happy with the level of security offered by Google tools. According to information discovered by XDA Developers, the manufacturer is developing a new feature called “App Behavior Records“, which is expected to arrive soon on Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 11.

Xiaomi MIUI 11 security

Xiaomi smartphones will now receive notifications about “strange activities” of applications

Even without any information on when this new feature may be made available to users, several details have already been revealed on how it will work.

Basically, the “App Behavior Records “ will record all application activities whenever they perform background activities or take advantage of important permissions.

These are the activities that the functionality will focus on:

  • Automatic start in the background
  • Secondary application launch
  • Use of “sensitive” permissions
  • Carrying out “sensitive” actions

In the case of actions that can compromise the security and good functioning of the smartphone, a detailed list of all items that the functionality will consider in this category was also found:

  • Background audio recording
  • Access calendar events
  • Access call history
  • Take photos or record videos
  • Access or save items on the clipboard
  • Make calls
  • Access contacts
  • Access location
  • Read text messages
  • Access the information recorded by the sensors
  • Access activity information
  • Read the phone number
  • Access device information
  • Access or save files in the background

Whenever one of these situations happens, it will be registered by the new functionality and the user will be alerted through a notification. This way, it will be much easier and more practical to keep all the activities performed by Apps under control.

With the numerous incidents on Android smartphones caused by malicious applications, there is no doubt that all security features are welcome. So it would be interesting to see Google take inspiration from Xiaomi and add these features to its tool.

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