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Full Setup Instructions Minix Z64 Windows

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Minix Z64 step by step setup instruction for Windows edition

Follow our Full Setup Instructions Minix Z64 Windows for a simple way to first set up your Minix Z64 Windows edition.

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How to Connect the Minix Z64 Windows mini PC

  1. Unpack the Minix z64 and the I8 wireless keyboard.
  2. Open the battery compartment of the I8 keyboard and locate the mini USB receiver plug place this into one of the two USB ports located on the right-hand side of the Minix Z64.
  3. Connect the HDMI cable supplied to your TV or monitor  (the other side connects to the Minix Z64).
  4. Connect an Ethernet cable if you’re going to use one (not required).
  5. Connect the power adaptor to your Minix Z64 and to the wall plug.
  6. On the right-hand side of the unit is a power button, hold this button in gently until you see the blue light on the front of the device.

Initial setup (Windows)

  1. Complete the Region and language page with the info relevant to your location (I picked the United Kingdom).
  2. Read and agree to the licence terms.
  3. Name your device and click next.
  4. Select your wireless network if you’re going to use WIFI and enter your WIFI password (you’ll find this on the back of your rooter).
  5. Now select use express settings.
  6. If you have a Microsoft account, enter your account details now. If you do not have an account then you need to click on create a new account on the left-hand side of the screen.
  7. After you have selected your Microsoft initial settings  (I picked setup as a new device). Your Minix Z64 will install all the windows apps that gets installed with windows 8.1.

Change the display settings for the Minix Z64 Windows

The Minix Z64 Windows mini PC display output is set to 1920 x 1080 if your TV / Monitor is not this size. Your icons could be off the screen, to change it like this follow the instructions below
  1. From the Main Windows 8 dashboard click the search icon on the top right-hand corner. (press the “Win” key on the i8 keyboard to get to  the Windows dashboard).
  2. In the search box type ” Display settings ”  click the display settings icon that is located under the search bar.
  3. You will see red resolution settings bar click the bar in order to change the size of the resolution, click on apply when at the correct size.

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Change the Sound settings for the Minix Z64 Windows

The Minix Z64 Windows mini PC sound is set to output through the jack plug in the back of the device, however, this  has been set up with an HDMI cable, you can change this as follows
  1. From the Main Windows 8 dashboard click the search icon on the top right-hand corner (press the “Win” key on the i8 keyboard to get to Windows dashboard).
  2. In the search bar type ‘Manage audio devices’ click the Manage audio icon under the search bar.
  3. Click playback in the pop-up window that has opened up.
  4. Your device is set to speakers as a default option, you need to select the other output this should be the name of your TV or Monitor select it then set it as default click OK to finish.

Disable any Internet Service Providers parental controls

ISP have been enabling parental controls on all users even if you have not asked for it. You will have to disable them, see belowEE Broadband Talk home safe, if your internet provider is TalkTalk you need to disable your Home Safe internet security please see this link for more info internet virus safe If you have Virgin internet you will need to disable your virus Safe from your My Virgin Account or you will be limited to what you can view   Click this link This is the link again: parental control If you are going to use this device over Wi-Fi then you need to disable your BT parental control or you’re going to be limited as to what you can view. Click this link This is the link again: Sky Shield If you have Sky you will need to disable your Sky Shield Click this link.  This is the link again:

How to Install Kodi onto the Minix Z64 Windows

Direct Download Kodi 18.1 for Windows HERE
  1. Download files above, if you are asked to save items click yes.
  2. From the Main Windows 8 dashboard click the Desktop icon. (press the “Win” key on the i8 keyboard to get to Windows dashboard).
  3. Open your file browser the brown file icon located on the bottom row.
  4. Click on Downloads and then on Kodi 14.2 when prompted allow user account control.
 Full Setup Instructions Minix Z64 WindowsFrom there the Kodi Setup Wizard will take you through the installation., I recommend keeping the default components.After those few choices, you’ll choose whether to add a shortcut and Start Menu program group. Then the setup process will take you through the remainder of the installation. The entire process should take 1-2 minutes to complete.If windows firewall pops up to allow access.

Kodi on Windows first boot

Once the installation is finished, click on the new Kodi icon in the Start Menu. You may want to pin Kodi to the taskbar so you have easy access. To do this, right-click on a Kodi icon and select “Pin to Taskbar”Once you start the program, you should see the Kodi home screen pictured below


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Full Setup Windows TV Box
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