Minix Neo Z64 Windows 10 Edition

Minix Neo Z64 Windows 10 Edition

MINIX NEO Z64 WINDOWS 10 EDITION, a small but smart choice

 The Minix Neo Z64 Windows 10 Edition is an internet tv box that will satisfy you. It is small, delicate but with many possibilities. Its construction makes it one of the smallest desktop PCs which helps you save space and put it whenever you want. It is also eco-friendly as it requires 80% less energy than traditional desktop PCs. This also reduces the energy cost by 80%. In addition NEO Z64 Fanless Mini PC Windows 10 Edition is most suitable for a great range of applications. These characteristics make Neo Z64 a must buy Internet TV Box.

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Minix Neo Z64 Windows 10 Edition

 On this point, we need to see what you get when you buy this product. By obtaining NEO Z64 you also get the Rii mini i12,  the world’s most ultra-thin 2.4GHz wireless keyboard with touchpad. Its size of 26 inches and a trackpad whopping 3.5 inches, it is ideal for use on the bench. Also, it has an excellent design for those that love stylish accessories.

Another thing you gain is the Windows 10 Edition fully licensed. The OS that comes included in the this Windows model is a fully licensed (legal) copy of Windows 10 Edition with Bing as opposed to a trial version in competitors models.

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Below have listed the things you can do with this mini treasure:

Stream live TV, Stream movies,

Stream movies from your home network or an SD card/HDD, to the device.

Use this device anywhere in the world

Use Sky Go, Netflix, iPlayer, FilmOn, TV Catchup or any other online streaming site.

Make Minix Neo Z64 Windows 10 Edition yours from 150 pounds to only 119.99 pounds. Visit our Store now for this unique deal:



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