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Minecraft to Win Spectacular Graphics with NVIDIA Ray-Tracing Technology

Minecraft to Win Spectacular Graphics with NVIDIA Ray-Tracing Technology

NVIDIA is preparing to demonstrate its new ray-tracing technology at Gamescom, which will take place in Berlin this week. There are many great titles that will be part of the demo, but there is a very peculiar one that nobody expected to see on the list, Minecraft.

In partnership with Microsoft, this new technology will bring unexpectedly realistic graphics to the 'block world', completely transforming the way you look at your world in Minecraft.

Extremely realistic graphics on the way to Minecraft for PC

At its core, this new technology from NVIDIA enables exact reproduction of the way light is represented in the game, especially the way it reflects in the most diverse elements. This 'simple' addition will completely transform the way the world is reproduced.

"In the world of Minecraft, a gold block is simply yellow. But with ray-tracing on, you'll be able to see all the fantastic reflections of this precious material, where you'll even be able to see the reflection of a monster."revealed Saxs Persson.

The new technology will be made available through a free upgrade to the Minecraft PC version. However, it will not be available to all players. This is because, to take advantage of the new graphics, you need to have an NVIDIA RTX graphics card in your computer.

NVIDIA Minecraft ray-tracing

The results from ray-tracing in Minecraft are truly spectacular, with a single click you will see the pixelated world of blocks transform into a true work of art. Everyone from Minecraft will offer a new experience for millions of players.

This is not a 100% pioneering project.

Although done differently, earlier this year Digital Foundry demonstrated a mod developed by Sonic Ether that offers the same kind of ray-tracing effect. With this "Sonic Ether's Unbelievale Shadres" mod, players can enjoy extremely advanced, real-time light and reflection reproduction.

However, it is important to note that this project also requires an extremely powerful PC to be able to run the mod smoothly.

While the basic idea is the same, it is important to note that implementing NVIDIA technology enables a much more impressive and realistic end result to be achieved.

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