Home Gaming Microsoft wants to turn your smartphone into a portable Xbox! Find out how

Microsoft wants to turn your smartphone into a portable Xbox! Find out how

Microsoft wants to turn your smartphone into a portable Xbox! Find out how

Microsoft has filed a patent that reveals very interesting plans for a new gadget / accessory that turns your smartphone into a portable Xbox.

The patent discloses an accessory which, in essence, is a device that fits into the smartphone, turning it into a portable console. Importantly, in the patent, there is no reference to Xbox. However, several design details represented in schematics are too similar to console commands.

New accessory will solve typical screen control issues

While smartphones increasingly have larger screens in the gaming world, it is still a challenge to be able to integrate on-screen controls that do not detract from the gaming experience.

In most popular games, on-screen controls end up making the whole space clogged up with virtual buttons. The player's fingers cover much of the field of view and prolonged sessions result in slippery hands.

This accessory aims to eliminate all these problems by offering even more perks. Players will enjoy a more comfortable, effective and overall much more enjoyable gaming experience. Although not mentioned in the patent, they may support bluetooth heaphones, 3.5mm Jack audio input and also integrated speakers.

Xbox Project xCloud gaming smartphone

Microsoft will have to offer much more to ensure the success of this command.

With the rapid growth of the smartphone gaming world, many manufacturers have developed a wide range of accessories to enhance smartphone gaming performance. So if Microsoft wants to guarantee the success of this accessory, they will have to offer much more than a 'simple command'.

But it seems that this is exactly what the company has in mind. I recall that Microsoft is also making the latest preparations to launch its cloud gaming service, Project xCloud. This new service should have smartphones as one of the main 'targets'.

Microsoft Xbox Smartphone

This may be the perfect accessory to make the service appealing to all smartphone users. If these commands can turn any smartphone into a portable console, it will have to be a success.

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