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Android 6.0 Auto Language change and Sleep mode on HDMI switch fix

Android 6.0 and above Auto Language change and Sleep mode on HDMI switch fix Do you own an Android 6.0 or above TV box and finding that...

Redmi Note 8 Pro's battery reveals impressive performance. Know the details

Xiaomi's president - Lin Bin - turned to social networking site Weibo to give the Redmi...

Season 6 of Warzone arrives on September 29 with new operators and metro stations

New female operator The season arrives with the arrival of Farah, a new operator who arrives in the form of heroin, since we are talking...

The books every Star Wars lover should collect

Star Wars, an infinite saga When George Lucas rolled A new hopeHe didn't have all of them with him that he could re-record a new...

Microsoft wants to bring Android applications to Windows!

The “Your Phone” application for Android and Windows has shown a great evolution since the beginning of the year, starting to allow certain smartphones to be able to run their applications on Windows. However, for now, this is an exclusive support for some Samsung smartphones.

Now, new information points to much more ambitious plans on the part of Microsoft, aiming to get Android applications to be installed directly on Windows, without the need to connect a smartphone.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has explored this alternative, but the previous project – Astoria – ended up never seeing the light of day. Apparently, this project is now being replaced by “Project Latte”, which will bring Android applications to Windows.

Without support for Google Play Services, Microsoft plans may be doomed from the start

This is an implementation long desired by millions of users, who were left with a glimmer of hope after the announcement of the news for the “Your Phone” application. But, there is a small detail that could destroy your hopes again.

If Microsoft goes ahead with this project in its current format, it seems that they will not be able to guarantee support for Google Play Services. Without these services, all applications that need these APIs to function, cannot be sent to Windows 10.

Windows Android apps

This support seems impossible to be guaranteed, since Google allows the installation of Play Services only on devices with Android and ChromeOS.

For now, Project Latte already allows developers to prepare their applications so that they can be made available in the Windows application store, but there is still no information on which applications may be available at launch.

Still without an official release date set, rumors point to a possible implementation of the major update expected in the fall of 2021.

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Android 12 should bring a system of themes to personalize your smartphone

Android has always been known as the operating system with greater freedom of customization when purchased...

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