Microsoft SwiftKey gets Android function that you’ll love!

Microsoft SwiftKey gets Android function that you'll love!

SwiftKey is one of the most popular third-party keyboards on Android. Still, there is a function that users have wanted for years: cursor to slide in the text, something that already exists in the iOS version and also in Google Gboard. However, this function was finally added to the application, as published on Twitter.

Now, users will be able to simply press the space key and scroll through the text being written. This function is extremely useful, as touching the text to erase or correct words has never been the most practical way.

As the example video shows, you can simply slide the text anywhere and make any necessary corrections to what you are writing. If you want to try the novelty, it is already available in the Beta version of SwiftKey.

Try the Beta version of SwiftKey on the Google Play Store

Microsoft has been updating SwiftKey frequently

Microsoft recently acquired SwiftKey, changing its name and logo to reflect the change in ownership. Since then, the app has been receiving news such as support for Emoji 12.0 and the aforementioned cursor function to slide in the text.

For the rest, Microsoft made a point of not changing much more in the app. After all, since SwiftKey is one of the most popular apps in the smartphone world. The app offers a host of features that go beyond smart typing or other basic functions found on original keyboards.

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