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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in Windows 10 S mode becomes much longer lasting!

Microsoft Windows 10 S Surface
Introducing Windows 10 S and Microsoft Surface Laptop

It was about two months ago that Microsoft introduced Windows 10 S along with the Surface Laptop. However, there were several analyzes across the Internet of this much lighter but still complete version of Windows for all types of devices.

Well, I myself wanted to know what it is like to experience Windows 10 S on a computer, but I couldn't do it correctly (or officially) as I would have to buy a new PC. Now instead I used it on my Surface Pro 4. And how? Ask you. Well, I limited myself to those that are, pass the redundancy, limitations of this platform.

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When presented, this version of the operating system would be all that the other is, but without the ability to install Store applications, according to Microsoft. That's why I did it. Nothing simpler than that. Use Surface, but only with apps coming from the Store or already installed on Surface.

And what was the result after about 30 days?

Well, to be honest, positive and better than expected. In fact, in my day-to-day student, I use little or nothing on my computer for arduous tasks involving third party software. However, there is one tool that I consider fundamental, in fact two, for the articles I write and Lives in which I participate in EBox.

In fact, as a student, I just missed the Spotify app at first. After all, depending on the chairs (subjects) I'm studying for, I like to do it with music and, unfortunately, this application was not available through the Store. Past. Now anyone can install it through the Windows Store – who doesn't have, doesn't have, just games.

Spotify is just one of the apps already in the Windows Store. Microsoft has promised many more that will make a difference!

However, there were two things that worried me greatly about this hypothetical switch to Windows 10 S. The first was that, although I often enjoy and use Microsoft Edge more and more, it was very sinful when trying to write articles on it. The tool I used (and use) became a real nightmare about a year ago.

Today, I'm happy to say that I can write this article on browser from Microsoft. Although there are some shortcomings, such as the fact that copy / paste still not as accurate or perfect as in Chrome, it's much better.

The second, which also indirectly involves EBox, has to do with our LivePodcast every Monday. To record audio for Podcast I usually use a free third-party program that is not in the Windows Store. Well, it seems, though in a less simple way than it should be, I don't need this program for anything and I can simply, through brief settings, tweak the Micro and record through the Windows "Voice Recorder" application. 10

The biggest problem remains the (im) ability to talk through Hangouts through Microsoft Edge – as this is the way we use EBox to get Live on YouTube.

That said, it becomes easier to realize that little or nothing depends on third party applications. But what advantages does this conduct bring me?

To tell the truth, not many. However, there is one that is very relevant and that does not go unnoticed. Yes, it has to do with the autonomy of Surface Pro 4. I mean Pro 4 because it's the terminal I use, any other would have the same effect.

Indeed, since I use Spotify (from Store) as well as Edge instead of Chrome, I feel a substantial difference in their autonomy. Now, unlike what happened for over a year and a half using this terminal, I can spend a day in college (about 8 hours) without using the charger, it's impressive. And of course, without activating "Battery Saver" earlier in the day. That is, no cheating.

Using Windows 10 S on Surface Pro 4 is a huge advantage, however small it may seem!

For me, months ago, this was unimaginable. Same. Windows 10 S, or without third party applications, is even more autonomous. No doubt.

So for you who also use the laptop or tablet away from home and the battery life is a little nuisance, if you can use Windows 10 S. I know, not quite the same thing, but you also know what I mean. It's close by and the difference is bigger than you can imagine.

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