Home Android Microsoft Surface Duo: not everything that doubles part! (video)

Microsoft Surface Duo: not everything that doubles part! (video)

Microsoft Surface Duo: not everything that doubles part! (video)

Microsoft Surface Duo is the new foldable smartphone with two screens from Microsoft. The smartphone arrives with the Android system and with an ideology totally different from the other foldable ones.

Microsoft did not try to do something truly revolutionary. Instead, he put together two small screens and a hinge to make the smartphone / tablet work as well as possible.

Microsoft Surface Duo passes endurance test

The video is from the well-known JerryRigsEverithing. The well-known YouTuber that tests the resistance of smartphones to the extreme. From small scratches on the screen to the well-known “bendtest”.

Although the reviews of Microsoft Surface Duo were not very favorable when it comes to software, the opinion is unanimous in the quality of construction.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Although it is made of plastic, the equipment is light, thin and pleasant to hand. In the test that we can see in the video, we also observed the terminal folding without mercy or mercy. However, without any problem in its operation.

Microsoft Surface Duo is not for everyone

There is still no information on the arrival of the Microsoft Surface Duo to UK. Still, it is not a device for any wallet. Its value is around 1400 € and is a “beta” device. That is, since it is the first edition, it is normal that there are still some edges to file.

However, it is a good time to understand how Microsoft wants to change users' mindsets. Apparently, the foldable is the future. At least from the point of view of the Redmond company. It remains to be seen whether the next version will have considerable improvements over this model.

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