Microsoft Surface Duo could be “perfect”, but it will end up disappointing!

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft has been working on its first “foldable” Surface Duo smartphone for some time, and its launch is expected during the holiday season this year. I say “foldable” because, although it can close like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it will come with two individual screens separated by extremely thin borders.

Now, according to a new report published by Windows Central, it looks like the Microsoft Surface Duo could be launched much sooner than expected. Microsoft may be preparing to launch the new smartphone as early as April, more than 6 months ahead of schedule.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Despite efforts, Microsoft Surface Duo will reach the outdated market

Unfortunately, if this new information turns out to be confirmed, it seems that Microsoft will follow the terrible example of Nokia 9 PureView. Apparently, they decided to advance the launch of the Surface Duo several months so that it does not reach the market with outdated specifications, but it will happen anyway.

Several reports have already confirmed that the hardware specifications for the Microsoft Surface Duo have been decided for a long time, with no room for maneuver in this segment. The information points to the presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, last year's first high-end chip.

Thus, for more innovation and popularity that its design and interface can bring to the market, it can never be considered a high-end smartphone. Furthermore, everything indicates that this will be a device focused on productivity, which will never be ideal if it does not offer the best possible performance.

In addition to not supporting 5G, the Surface Duo will arrive equipped with a processor that even at the end of last year would already be “out of date”, since Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon 855+ at the end of the year.

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