Microsoft Project xCloud: Cloud Gaming Service Begins Public Testing Soon

Microsoft Project xCloud: Cloud Gaming Service Begins Public Testing Soon

The next big boom in the world of video games will surely be the arrival of the first cloud gaming services. These services will allow users to enjoy their favorite games on virtually every device and from anywhere.

For now, there are two big names in this new segment, Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud. It seems that Microsoft does not want to let its rival 'run away', starting its public tests as early as October. Since Google Stadia will be launched in November, the Project xCloud team needs to speed up.

Microsoft Project xCloud Cloug Gaming

Microsoft Project xCloud will let you "play Xbox One" anywhere

The main goal of these services is to enable gamers to enjoy the best titles anywhere using all their devices including smartphones and smart TVs.

To do this, Microsoft will take advantage of its powerful servers, which have been customized with various Xbox components to make it possible to run and stream games across devices.

Internal testing has been under way for some time now, with several members of the Project xCloud team testing the service under various conditions. Since they are already ready to make cloud gaming available for public testing, everything seems to be going as expected.

These public tests will enable Microsoft to understand how its service will behave in the "real world" and have the opportunity to make all necessary adjustments before the official launch. For these public tests, they will accept users from only three countries: South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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