Microsoft is returning to the market for smartphones with the Surface Duo. This equipment should not hit stores until the end of this year, but that does not prevent Microsoft from already developing its successor.

Although nothing is guaranteed, the new patent of the American may be a clue to the successor of the Surface Duo. This is because the patented concept has some similarities with the Microsoft smartphone.

Microsoft pantente

New Surface Duo may bring three screens

Microsoft argues in this document that today’s smartphones are limited in showing information to their users. This is due to the fact that these devices have only one screen.

To fill this, the American designed a device with three screens. We have two screens separated by a hinge, just like the Surface Duo.

The big news is the small screen placed on one side of the device. In the patent image you can see that component at the bottom, called “Control Logic”.

According to the patent, this small screen can be used to show information such as hours or notifications. Microsoft does not want to limit its potential, offering users the possibility to choose additional information to be displayed on this screen.

This idea quickly reminds me of what Samsung did on the Galaxy Z Flip. This foldable smartphone also comes with a small outdoor screen to show basic information to users without having to open the device.

Since the Surface Duo will not hit stores until the end of the year, it should still be some time before its successor launches. This is if a successor is in the company’s plans.

This patent gives us clues as to what a Surface Duo 2 could look like, but this is not guaranteed. What is proven is that Microsoft has been working on this ideology and it is up to you now to decide whether to apply it or not.

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