Microsoft Outlook is one of the most competitive email services Gmail offers. In transformation since the mythical “hotmail”, Microsoft has been significantly improving its applications for Android and iOS.

An example of this is the implementation of Dark Mode in your application that works even if you do not have the latest version of Android installed.

Edit photos directly in Microsoft Outlook

With the new update, which begins to reach its users, you have the possibility to easily and quickly edit photos that you send as an attachment in emails.

Microsoft Outlook gmail

Imagine that you want to attach a screenshot, but you want to highlight something relevant. You can simply edit the photo directly in the email application and send. In Gmail, on the other hand, you will have to make this edition beforehand in a dedicated application. Even if it’s on Google Photos.

Gmail focuses on eliminating malware and spam


However, not everything is a bed of roses for Outlook users who suffer far more from Spam and malware than Gmail users. In fact, the latest Gmail update focuses on discarding emails with attachments of Office files with malware. Only then do we see what Google’s focus is at the moment.

Still, I believe that an implementation of this kind would not be too complicated in Gmail and I have to admit, as a Gmail user on a daily basis, that I would like to have a tool like this by default in the application.

In short, it is good to see Microsoft working seriously on its Android and iOS applications. Applications that have been adrift for many years due to the heavy investment in the failed Windows 10 (mobile).

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