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Microsoft Lumia 650XL was another Windows 10 Mobile that didn't know the market

Microsoft Lumia 650XL Windows 10 Mobile
Microsoft Lumia 650XL with Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft did not have a very happy passage in the smartphone market until it saw. The last one to launch, in turn, was the Lumia 650 with Windows 10 Mobile, which, oddly enough, happened in 2015.

However, while this was the last smartphone from Redmond's company to hit the market, it was not at all the last one it developed. Consequently, as Windows Central advanced, there would still be a Microsoft Lumai 650XL.

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This, in turn, never got to know the light of day and, considering its characteristics, until it makes any sense. In fact, the Lumia 650XL is very identical to the smaller model.

Was the Microsoft Lumia 650XL the last Windows 10 Mobile smartphone?

Front part covered by a giant glass, metallic rim around the screen, which gave it a certain elegance and, finally, a removable (plastic) back. So far, all the same – or similar.

However, the big difference was on his screen for two reasons. First, it was 5.5 inches – which would be more appealing to consumers in 2015.

Secondly, and as a disadvantage for this model compared to the smaller one, would be the fact that the screen is LCD and not OLED – which, in fact, would be much worse and not so beneficial.

As for performance and cameras, once again, would be very identical to those of the brother which eventually hit stores at a relatively low price. Still, a little short of what many would like. That is, 1GB of RAM in 2015? A little bold would say.

Finally, the Microsoft Lumia 650XL would have been a good terminal with Windows 10 Mobile. It would not change the course software from Redmond's company would take. There is still a community very loyal to the platform. It would have sold a few units.

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