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Microsoft just announced Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV Microsoft
Microsoft just announced Age of Empires IV

Striking experiences like the first straight, the first sleepless last night never forget. In my case this was passed in front of a monitor playing Age of Empires II from Microsoft. The title of Ensemble Studios It was originally released in 1999 (Age of Kings), my first contact with the game taking place on September 11, 2001 in an attempt to dispel all mundane horrors. That same year the Ensemble Studios was acquired by Microsoft, which has closed the Ensemble in 2009. Now we watch, still with some disbelief, the Age of Empires IV announcement on Gamescom.

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Now announced the upcoming title of the franchise Age of Empires, game that will be released for PC, and its development is the responsibility of the studio Relic Studio, the same that developed the game Dawn of War. Now, it's time to re-list in cheats or just "how do you turn this on"?

Microsoft announces Age of Empires IV at Gamescom

Although there is no release date for this title yet, judging by the trailer you can see next, it seems that the game will be set against the background of the modern age.

Here we may have units of the French Revolution onwards, once again, based on the observation of the video. I confess that I still cherish a very special affection for this franchise that I thought was extinct.

There were many hours of play in Age of Empires II: Age of Kings and even in its expansion, Conquerors. From the soundtrack, the game engine and the hilarious cheats but above all, the historical campaigns that fueled my curiosity about history. Without stretching me further, here is the promised trailer.

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I confess that I have never been as much a fan of Age of Empires III as the previous title and meanwhile discovered the Total War saga that also needs no introduction. I only hope that this new title will not denigrate the name and legacy of Age of Kings and even the first title, released in 1997.

Have you ever played any of these Microsoft titles? Account, account I want to know! =)

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