Interstellar in Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator hole

In the purest black hole style of Interstellar, the players of Flight simulator who have approached the airport Lagoa Nova Airport (SBLG) have been able to experience what happens when you rush over a temporary vertex. That is at least the conclusion we draw from seeing the images that are being shared on the networks.

For example, Larry Kyrala has uploaded his peculiar walk through the area to his YouTube account. Taking off from the Brazilian airport of Currais Novos (SNKN), he only had to approach the indicated airport to be met with horror. A spectacular hole in the ground was visible in the area, and of course, some have not hesitated to explore it.

And of course, this has given rise to the memes:

I made a “Interstellar” re-edit of the video everyone’s talking about… (Original post link below video) from MicrosoftFlightSim

What has caused this hole?

Mod Microsoft Flight Simulator

Based on the suspicions of some users, the airport data most likely does not have the local altitude data correctly, and since the area is at around 12,000 feet, a simple annotation error could have led to the rendering of the surface. from the airport at completely unknown levels.

What a nice vie- from MicrosoftFlightSim

This is pointed out by Kyrala himself, who indicates that the height recorded in SBLG is 2,690 feet, a distance that is far from the 12,000 feet that are recorded in the area. The result is, therefore, an abysmal drop in the height of the terrain, resulting in a veritable well of darkness that luckily is kept illuminated by the incorrect lighting calculations that occur in the scene.

This hole in the ground could well pass for a mod for Flight Simulator, but no, it is simply a bug in the game that they will probably correct with an upcoming update.