Microsoft Edge will receive functionality that can shake Google Chrome!

Microsoft Edge Google Chrome

The browser world has been clearly dominated by Google Chrome over the years, being the most widely used browser of all time and on virtually all platforms. Its rivals can do little or nothing to “scratch” its popularity, but Microsoft now has a secret weapon.

Since they launched their new Microsoft Edge, the Microsoft browser has become increasingly popular with Windows users. Interestingly, the new Edge is based on the Chromium platform, developed by Google. In its version 88, Edge will receive a new feature called “Startup Boost”, which promises to win over users.

Microsoft Edge Google Chrome

How “Startup Boost” will work in Microsoft Edge

This will be another very simple feature, which can have a big impact on the user experience for millions of users. Once implemented, Microsoft Edge will start a set of processes each time the computer is started.

With these secondary processes active, the process of starting Microsoft Edge will be almost instantaneous, almost as if it were simply minimized. It is important to emphasize that these processes will not have any impact on the performance of the computer, since they will run with “low priority”.

Considering all the controversies that Microsoft has been subject to after the recent Windows updates, it is also important to emphasize that everything points to this feature being optional. In order for users to activate “Startup Boost”, you need to access the system settings on the Edge.

After a legacy tarnished by constant flops with respect to its browsers, it seems that Microsoft has finally managed to get on the right track. Shortly after it was officially launched, Microsoft Edge based on Chromium has become increasingly popular with Windows users.

Currently, it is even considered as the best alternative to Google Chrome, especially for Windows 10 users.

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