Microsoft decided some time ago to finally abandon the disaster that was its browsers, betting finally on a new version that was based on Chromium (created by Google). There is no doubt that Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge itself have always been big spots in the popularity of Windows / Microsoft.

However, the company has promised a totally renewed user experience with the new version of its browser and it seems that they have fulfilled their promise. After being officially launched three months ago, the results are in sight. According to data revealed by NetMarketShare, the new Microsoft Edge has already become even more used than the popular FireFox.

Google Chrome Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge continues to win fans, but Google Chrome remains the “King”

Obviously, these results refer to PCs and portable computers, since in smartphones the most popular browsers are Chrome and Safari.

Finally, the launch and marketing strategy implemented by Microsoft resulted in a very positive impact on the adoption of its new browser. For just three months, he managed to recover from a position that put him off the podium, directly to the “silver medal”.

Microsoft Edge is now the second most used browser on PC / Laptop with a 7.59% share, followed by FireFox which maintains a 7.19% share. The “King of Browsers” remains Google Chrome, which has an overwhelming 68.50% market share.

Microsoft Edge FireFox

Adoption of Chromium was Microsoft’s “secret weapon”

It is true that it took too long to make this decision, but it turned out to be the most correct one over the past few years, at least with regard to your browsers.

As soon as Microsoft officially revealed that they would create an Edge based on Google’s Chromium, it quickly became apparent that users would want to try this new browser. The new version is much faster, has several security and privacy features, in addition to allowing Google to be selected as the default search engine.

Although it is virtually impossible for any of the browsers to threaten the domain of Google Chrome, everything indicates that the new Microsoft Edge may continue to cement its second position.

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