If you use Microsoft Edge with Google search, you must have had the browser go down constantly for a few hours. This was a problem recognized by Microsoft, where it admitted that the Edge was “crashing” whenever doing a search on Google.

In fact, having been a “victim” of that error, he was a caricature. As soon as I touched the Enter key to assume the search in the address bar, Edge disappeared. However, if I switched the search engine to Bing, everything was fine.

In the meantime, the Microsoft development page shared a solution on Twitter: turn off search suggestions. As a shortcut, you can put in the address bar “edge: // settings / search”. However, Microsoft says that the problem is already resolved, temporarily.

Are you seeing Edge crash when trying to type into the address bar? The team is looking into it! In the meantime, as a workaround, please turn off Search Suggestions here: edge: // settings / search. We’ll follow up once we have more!

– Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) July 30, 2020

Apparently, Microsoft has found a quick fix, but the problem is not yet fully resolved. So, be careful if you use Microsoft Edge with Google search, don’t risk losing important jobs or searches out of the blue.

The most funny thing is that Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, where Google Chrome is also based. Therefore, this aggressive error is unusual, almost suggesting that Microsoft intends to convince users to use Bing and not Chrome.

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