Microsoft CEBox is caught using his Surface Duo

Microsoft CEO is caught using his Surface Duo

The Surface Duo in action

Surface duo

The new images of the device arrive thanks to the journalist of Yahoo! Finance Brian Sozzi, who has been able to spend a few minutes with Satya Nadella in a recent Microsoft event. In this meeting, the CEBox of Microsoft did not hesitate to show him what he was wearing, and it is that in his hands appeared the coveted Surface duo, the dual-screen device that Microsoft will launch later this year.

According to Brian, the quick demonstration that Satya could give him was enough to remain completely hypnotized, statements that come accompanied by a photo in which you can see him next to Nadella, and in which you can see how the device is extremely thick thin.

This detail of the thickness helps us to imagine that with the closed phone the device could have very bearable dimensions, something that for the moment the devices with folding screen do not offer. And it is that we remember that this Surface Duo is formed by two completely independent screens, and not by a single flexible screen.

This decision has allowed Microsoft to develop a device with a better finish and greater reliability in the body in general, since they have developed a quite effective hinge system that does not affect the overall design of the device at all. We have seen the result scarcely, since the official video of the product is the most detailed that has been seen so far, so this moment with Satya Nadella is especially revealing.

Surface Duo Features

Today we continue with the same unknowns. Microsoft did not reveal enough details of its future device, and for now the only thing that has made it clear is that it will be Android based. It will be supported (obviously) throughout the brand suite with applications such as Outlook, Edge, Powerpoint, Word, etc; and its main base will be in the way in which the system handles the different applications between the two windows.

We are looking forward to seeing the new Surface Duo in a more open and public way, but unfortunately for now we will have to continue to settle for this type of fleeting appearances without too much official information.


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