Messenger and Spotify come together to bring music to the most varied conversations

Messenger and Spotify come together to bring music to the most varied conversations
Facebook Messenger and Spotify have new relationship!

We all have that Facebook Messenger Chat with friends, family, or whatever. We use it all day, every day, even if it's just for ugly content and nothing more.

But if there was anything that until now was completely lost in a conversation like this, it was the musical question. That's why Spotify has teamed up with Facebook Messenger, which has created new functionality within the world's most widely used instant messaging application, along with WhatsApp.

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This new feature is called "Group Playlists for Messenger" and basically allows members of the group in question (and even in a two-way conversation) to create a playlist own. And no, it is not at all difficult to do so. In fact, it is much easier. So just press the "+" button that we see in the bottom left corner when opening the app, choose the Spotify extension, create a playlist and then give it a name and form.

As for the form, what it means is that then just insert in that playlist, whatever you want, to your liking. Each Chat member in question can at any time add a new song to the playlist that has been created.

Besides, that's what we all already know. THE playlist created will work as another. And in fact, this strikes me as a great way for Spotify to integrate with Facebook Messenger. By the way, assuming that there can be (because there are) group conversations with a single theme behind, who knows if this is not amenable to being musically expressed.

Messenger conversations will be much more interesting!

On the other hand, the idea also sounds pretty good as, and thinking of a chat with four or five friends, for example, the songs they can share in your playlist, can be heard later when they are physically reunited. And then yes, probably some will question the choices of others and everything will be more funny.

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