Messenger and Facebook could be the culmination of one strategy (opinion)

Messenger and Facebook could be the culmination of one strategy (opinion)

As you know, Facebook Messenger and Facebook will appear to be one application for everything. It may be mere speculation, but to what extent has its separation in the past not always had its present purpose?

Now Facebook Messenger is now the second most used social network for instant messaging, along with WhatsApp. The funny thing is that the latter also belongs to Mark Zuckerberg. In any case, the truth is that over time Facebook has been falling in popularity.

Facebook Messenger

It is still the most used social network, or at least the one with the most users. However, it is not at all the most attractive and little or nothing seems to be possible to reverse this trend. Video, games and many other features have been implemented to ensure that the popularity of the network becomes a reality again.

Facebook Messenger will take people to Facebook …

Indeed, the possible disunity between the two services in the past may have been applied for a single purpose. In the future, should Facebook become less appealing, it could lead people to the network by simply imposing the messaging service. And as much as many say they will not accept such a thing, the truth is that it will always be simpler than switching networks and bringing groups with you.

After all, WhatsApp users are not the same as Facebook Messenger and vice versa. As much as one person uses both networks, the truth is that social activity will always be more of one than the other.

Finally, it is worth remembering that it is all an opinion and it is not certain that this conduct was equated several years ago. It remains, therefore, to congratulate those responsible for such an idea either for the current bet or for the possible planning of all this strategy in the past.

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