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MEO, NOS and Vodafone: prices rise and options are lacking, accuses DECO

The conclusion is advanced by DECO, denouncing a simultaneous disappearance of prices of MEO, NOS and Vodafone in the cheapest 3P packages. At the same time, the Internet speed on new contracts with operators has been reduced.

On the other hand, the current contracts will not be altered, no longer expensive, nor losing quality. However, whoever is in the process of renegotiating the contract, or wants to make a new contract, will be affected by the concerted price hike.

ANACOM denounced the simultaneous price increase in UK

Affecting the package price triple play 3P with Internet access, television and voice communications (without box), the increase was orchestrated by NOS, MEO and Vodafone. DECO has now come to support the National Communications Authority (ANACOM).

It was through a recent publication on its website that the consumer protection agency pointed the accusatory finger, not only to measure, but above all to its timeliness. Now, with telecommuting taking on a vital role in daily life, the price increase in the base package, which is more popular in UK, is seen as unusual in the face of preventive measures to combat COVID-19.

However, it is important to clarify that this price increase and decrease in the quality of Internet access does not affect existing contracts – which are in progress. It does apply, however, to those who make new contracts – new customers – or in renegotiations, affecting here existing customers who, after the duration of the previous contract, want to re-contract the operator’s services.

The concerted rise in the base package triple play 3P

Alerting to the recurrence of changes to the TV NET VOZ tariffs in UK, the most popular modality among the three major operators, DECO places several reservations and recalls what was once cheap.

“(…) it started to cost 24.90 euros on Vodafone and stood out for being the package of triple play cheaper… “, can be read in the aforementioned publication.

The cheapest 3P package was Vodafone’s until Cabovisão resurfaced with NOWO that matched that offer. However, in 2018 prices would rise in MEO, NOS and Vodafone to 29.99 euros in the first two and 29.90 euros in the third.

Changes and changes are frequent

DECO’s content takes a firm stance towards operators, although the fact that changes and contractual adjustments occur almost weekly is true. It is an economic reality, but the latest changes are morally objectionable.

In the face of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, many UK’s returned to work from home. Teleworking requires an Internet connection, a condition without which it is not even possible.

In view of this, the increase of 1 euro in each of the base packages in the 3P modality raises reservations. With new contracts taking place on a daily basis and renegotiations with similar frequency, only one party benefits and is not the consumer.

In times of pandemic, a rise in prices is not welcome, accuses DECO

MEO NOS Vodafone
3P packages from MEO, Vodafone and NOS. Credit: DECO

In the case of a simultaneous increase by MEO, NOS and Vodafone, the consumer ends up having his choice conditioned. In UK these are the main operators and the price difference consists of nine cents (0.09 €) at Vodafone.

As DECO points out, the problem is the total price alignment between operators. Competition, therefore, freedom of choice is non-existent. Choose between € 30.99 and € 30.90, these are the main options of the UK’s.

The only positive caveat is in relation to NOWO, but, unfortunately, it is not an option in most of the country because it does not have extensive coverage.

Dissatisfied with the operator? Change, pay the same and receive the same.

Adding the costs in case of early termination, as the source claims, we are faced with the “cocktail“ideal for arresting the user to the current communications service provider. The alternative, for many UK’s, does not exist.

The best option will be to try to negotiate better conditions, or at least maintain the current conditions when it is time to renew the contract. It should be noted that the renegotiations will already reflect the increase in prices and the decrease in internet speed.

We also point out that the drop in Internet access speed is significant. MEO and NOS went down to 10/30 mbps, and Vodafone for 30/30 mbps in download and upload. Previously, the offer in 3P reached 100/100 mbps.

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