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Twitch Prime says goodbye, say hello to Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming Before we answer the question of what is Prime Gaming, let's talk about Amazon and Twitch. In August 2014...

A mini PC to play and processors of more than 5 GHz, the new Intel at CES

Intel NUC 9 Extreme, more modular and customizable One of the novelties is focused on one of the products that has been more curdling in...

Attention! Apple iPhone 5 needs to be updated to stay online.

If you still have an iPhone 5, Apple warns that it must have the latest update...

Apple will announce some surprises as early as next week

Apple today announced the holding of yet another event to introduce new products. With the...

MEO and US will increase tariffs in 2019, Vodafone will remain the same

MEO and US will increase tariffs in 2019, Vodafone remains the same NOWOMEO, NOS and Vodafone remain the top 3 in UK. Even though NOWO is beginning to stand out, we are still in a mostly three-way war. That's why it's important to choose the right carrier.

Most contracts are extensive and when we are signing something for two years we better have a clear idea of ​​what we want. After all in two years a lot can happen.

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MEO and NOS will dominate the UK’s market with Vodafone showing that it is also relevant. The operators not only control the television service but also the mobile. Let's say the competition in UK is not the best. Certainly that is why our tariffs are considerably more expensive than other European countries when we look at the average wage of the UK’s.

MEO and NOS will have bill increase already in January. Vodafone and NOWO have not yet commented on the subject

However, what was already expensive will get even worse. At least at MEO and NOS. Vodafone has not yet commented on possible increases for 2019, but there is no indication that they could not happen.

According to Jornal de Negócios NOS will increase tariffs by 1.37% due to inflation. Already MEO will also increase the tariff of private contracts but still no concrete values.

These changes should arrive already January invoice. So it is good that you start to control how many coffees you have a day to save some more change for the television and Internet service. I say save on coffee because I always like the way sellers refer to service prices … "Can this service be yours for two coffees a day, do you think?". We've all heard this right?

In short, it expects changes in the tariffs of MEO and NOS. NOWO and Vodafone have not yet spoken, but I can imagine that they will sooner or later follow their competitors.

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