MEO accuses ANACOM of lying and harassing the DTT case

Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of Altice Portugal (MEO)

The atmosphere between Altice UK (MEO) and ANACOM continues to deteriorate, with the accusations tone being less and less courteous and always with 5G on the table. Now, the accusation focused on the advances (and setbacks) of the expansion of DTT.

Digital Terrestrial Television, whose implementation and migration in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira reached an impasse, would have been the company’s choice, in this case Altice UK. The accusation was made by ANACOM, and has now received a response from MEO.

ANACOM insists on the lie in a clear persecution of Altice UK

Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of Altice Portugal (MEO)
Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of Altice UK (MEO)

Alexandre Fonseca’s company, in a harsh tone regarding what it considers to be targeted harassment, states that “ANACOM, as has been its habit, has returned to the public with false statements, which no longer disguise the perpetual persecution of Altice UK.

Response to the statements of the president of the Autoridade Nacional das Comunicações (ANACOM) who stated yesterday that the fact that DTT migration ended in the Azores and Madeira was an “option on the part of the company that has the responsibility to make the migration, Altice, with which it was agreed ”. In summary, attributing the exclusivity of the fault to MEO.

Lie repeated to camouflage ANACOM’s bad decisions

João Cadete de Matos ANACOM
João Cadete de Matos, president of ANACOM

Altice UK goes further and says that “it is unfortunate that the Regulator reiterates the lie, in an attempt to camouflage their bad decisions and to attack companies in the sector by imputing their own mistakes to them.”

“ANACOM’s new statements reinforce the irresponsible and improper stance of an Authority, but Altice UK will continue to make the public public as many times as necessary to restore the truth and protect its image and good name, thus contradicting this line of Regulator that disrespects the sector and the fundamental principles inherent to the position. “, Adds MEO in a press release.

Altice UK accuses ANACOM of “true falsehood”

For the national operator, ANACOM’s statements are a “true falsehood”. To this is added the accusation of “continuous persecution”, with the ultimate objective being to denigrate not only his image, but also his good name before the citizens.

The case is particularly important in the Azores and Madeira Archipelagos where migration to DTT will have been delayed. Note that both regions were last in the DTT migration schedule for the release of the 700 Mhz band.

The reason for this, according to Altice UK, was the sole responsibility of ANACOM. In turn, the national regulator places the blame on the operator, giving him the decision-making capacity and willingness to delay the migration process.

700 Mhz implementation

“It is important to clarify, in a serious way, that the decision to leave the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira at the end of the DTT migration schedule for the release of the 700 MHz band was made exclusively by ANACOM. Despite the various criticisms and public complaints that the Altice UK has been doing since 2018, namely, in person, before the Presidents of Regional Governments. ” can be read in the recent press release from Altice UK.

Finally, the company responsible for the operator MEO guarantees that it will not lower its arms. “Altice UK will not abdicate from going public, as often as necessary, to deny it factually, as well as denouncing the behavior of a Regulator who, insisting on persecution at all costs and through all means, seriously harms the good name of this company and the image of the sector, thus shaming our country. “

The exchange of accusations continues to escalate, with the 5G auction the main throwing weapon.

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