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Vodafone and NOS prepare an attack on MEO with new partnership

Vodafone and NOS reached an agreement to improve their mobile network. This is a low-profile attack...

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Core i7 16 Go 1 TB GeForce): the full review 2020

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Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) will have a (seriously) questionable build

We return to the conversation with the new Samsung Galaxy S21 (or Samsung Galaxy S30). ...

OnePlus: mysterious smartphone could arrive with the OnePlus 8T

The rumors are not as intense as in the past, however, we know that OnePlus is...

Meizu Patents On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor Technology

Meizu 15 Android smartphone
The Chinese brand prepares to present a total of 3 new smartphones

Incorporating a fingerprint reader under the screen of a smartphone has been one of the main challenges in the market. Many manufacturers have tried to achieve this feat, but few have achieved the intended result. The Chinese Meizu also wants to enter this race later this year.

With the ever-shrinking margins of smartphone screens, biometric readers have lost their place. There was no more physical space to accommodate them at the front. Many have opted to move it to the rear of the equipment, but the market eagerly awaits an allocation on the screen itself.

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The first smartphone to come with this technology was the Vivo X20 Plus UD. It makes use of a technology developed by Synaptics, where the sensor is between the glass panel and the display OLED It is the smartphone's own screen illuminating the user's finger, thus allowing the CMOS sensor to identify the individual.

However, this technology has not yet been widely tested on the market, and there is still some doubt. First impressions that could be removed demonstrate acceptable but long-term performance of current capacitive sensors.

Meizu is developing its own on-screen biometric reader

Now we have Meizu patenting its own approach to this technology. The patent in question was submitted on April 1, 2017 and was made public only yesterday.

It combines a screen that covers almost the entire structure of the smartphone and a biometric sensor underneath it. This technology will not be limited to authenticating the user. It can also be used to make payments.

When in an automatic payments app, a fingerprint icon will appear in the area reserved for that purpose. So you just have to put your finger there to authorize the requested transfer.

Nothing further has been disclosed in this patent other than the above data. We have no indication of the technology used by Meizu to develop this approach.

Finally, it is only mentioned that it should reach the market in the third quarter of this year. Should this happen, it should arrive in time for the next Meizu 15 and 15 Plus range tops.

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