To celebrate its 17 years of existence, Meizu plans to launch its next equipment, Meizu 17, in April. This mobile phone will come equipped with 5G and will be a necessary bet of the brand in the high-end market, after a year of 2019 quite financially troubled.

As usual, through the Chinese social network Weibo, an image was published that reveals the back cover of the Meizu 17, giving an idea of ​​its design, which is actually quite minimalist. We only have the brand logo at the bottom and the 4-chamber module at the top.

Meizu 17

There are no details about the lenses and sensors, but we should have a typical 4-lens configuration: main sensor, angled or ultra-angular lens, telephoto and possibly a macro sensor for close-up photographs.

Expected Meizu 17 specifications

  • OLED screen with 90 Hz refresh rate
  • Snapdragon 865 processor
  • 65W fast charging

So far, little is known about the Meizu 17 other than the inclusion of the Snapdragon 865. An interesting detail is certainly its 90Hz screen, an excellent bet on the part of Meizu to compete with OnePlus and Samsung, which has launched mobile phones with update above 60Hz.

Its 65W fast charging is certainly a highlight too. It is an amazing charging speed for a mobile phone, and it remains to be seen whether the Meizu 17 will have wireless charging.

Meizu needs to recover in the mobile phone market

In early 2019, Meizu kicked off the year by laying off 30% of its employees. To make matters worse, during the summer the brand closed most of its stores, reducing the number of stores from 2700 to a mere 150 stores.

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