Mega Mewtwo Still missing forms Pokemon Go Two-year-old teasers are still being used

Published: 2023-03-18T22:37:20

Updated: 2023-03-18T22:37:29

Pokemon Go The players are now asking whether it is possible to play. Mega Mewtwo It will never make it to the final games, even though its design was teased in promo artwork two years back.

Niantic often releases promotional artwork to tease upcoming seasons or events, giving players a glimpse of the general tone of the game’s future. And Sometimes, it is possible for players to be seen. Pokemon These will appear in Raids Or the wild.

But Because of the size of their teasers, there have been two promo pieces that players love for more than two decades. They These are the 5th and 4th Pokemon Go Anniversary Get artworks starting in 2020 or 2021

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And while these are some of the most iconic promos thanks to the abundance of creatures and characters featured therein, it’s two specific Pokemon This has been a problem for players almost three decades. More There are two types of Mega Mewtwo Have been teased twice, but never made it in Pokemon Go.

pokemon go 4th anniversaryCan Spot Mega

Pokemon Go still missing Mega Mewtwo

Niantic Additional Mega Evolutions To Pokemon Go 2020 is the year of our first ever global warming. Mega Mewtwo Featured in the annual anniversary artwork. This promo also featured Mega Charizard – who eventually made it into the game – and another lost Pokemon, Mega Lucario.

But By 2021 Mega Mewtwo’s other form appeared in the anniversary artwork as the sole Mega Evolution You will be featured YetHowever, no other information was available. Niantic That Mega Mewtwo Additions would be made Pokemon Go.

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Two Years after the last Mewtwo Teaser: User Pigroee It was taken to Reddit To ask the fundamental question: Where is it? Mega Mewtwo? They Images with both Mewtwo circled in red and asked, “They They were teased two years ago. Are there any updates?”

Sadly, the comments agreed that there hadn’t been any new info regarding if or when Mewtwo In Pokemon Go. InsteadUsers used the chance to make fun of Niantic.

“They’ll be here as soon as Niantic needs a cash injection,” one user replied. Another stated, “Silly Player, did you think that this was a tease! That was just part of the promotional art.”

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For now, we don’t know when Mega Mewtwo will be added Pokemon Go. Niantic New products usually roll out regularly Pokemon Forms in small quantities Mega Evolutions continue to be released one by one every couple of months. This means it may take a while before the next evolution is available. Mewtwo’s Mega Additional forms can be created.

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