Home Gaming MediaTek to revolutionize gaming world with new processor

MediaTek to revolutionize gaming world with new processor

MediaTek to revolutionize gaming world with new processor

MediaTek has long walked in the shadow of Qualcomm with regard to the world of smartphones. Now the Taiwanese maker will try to gain a prominent position in the world of gaming smartphones. For this, will present on July 30 a new line of processors.

The alleged MediaTek Helio G90 processor will be the first to be designed with gaming smartphones in mind. However, there are still no details about its unique features.

MediaTek Helio G90

MediaTek wants to 'patch up' a gap in the gaming smartphone segment

When the first gaming smartphone came along, many thought it would be a short-lived trend, but it turned out just the opposite. Over the past few years, we have seen more and more manufacturers launch their own smartphones for video games, some of which have become extremely popular.

However, it was quickly realized that for these smartphones to become popular, it was not enough to have high-end specifications and a bold design. Due to the lack of a processor dedicated to this segment, gaming smartphones end up with exactly the same processor of a 'vulgar' high-end.

In order to be able to offer better performance during gaming sessions, manufacturers needed to implement new hardware (such as liquid cooling), gaming software (Turbo GPU in Huawei's case) and also a wide range of accessories.

With the arrival of a processor designed exclusively for high-performance gaming, MediaTek aims to gain a unique space in this segment.

Qualcomm could eventually follow MediaTek's footsteps

There is still no indication that this could actually happen, but with this release of MediaTek, it would not be surprising to see Qualcomm launch a rival processor.

Until now, it was said that Qualcomm was developing a new technology "Adreno Turbo" to compete with offers from Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. However, MediaTek's more serious approach may cause the US company to change its plans.

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