MediaTek “bites” Qualcomm and Snapdragon processors on video


MediaTek’s YouTube channel published a video where it makes a direct comparison between its Helio G70 processor and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665. The Helio G70 is the latest CPU from the manufacturer, geared towards cheaper gaming phones like the Realme C3. Watch the video.

The comparison was made with Realme C3 (Helio G70) and Oppo A9 2020 (Snapdragon 665). The tests include the usual benchmark tools, as well as the opening time of applications and games. Overall, the Helio G70 outperformed the Snapdragon 665.

On the AnTuTu platform, Helio G70 managed 193,790 points, against 166,126 from Snapdragon 665. However, benchmark tools are worth what they are, and may not always represent the performance and real potential of an equipment.

Other platforms used for the tests include Geekbench 3D Mark and GFXBench. It is important to note that Realme C3 was running a newer version of AnTuTu than Oppo A9 2020, leaving some suspicions regarding that test.

Helio G70 was the fastest to open games

Although for just a few seconds, the Helio G70 managed to gather the fastest performance when it comes to opening games. Call of Duty Mobile, Asphalt 9 and PUBG Mobile were tested, where the Helio G70 managed to be lighter than the Snapdragon 665 in opening games.


Of course, this video is part of an advertising campaign to promote the processor and even Realme C3. However, apart from the dubious results of AnTuTu, the Helio G70 appears to be the superior processor. Therefore, we cannot underestimate MediaTek.

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