Home Movies and series Master Plex on your Smart TV with these tips and features

Master Plex on your Smart TV with these tips and features

Master Plex on your Smart TV with these tips and features

Customize Plex to your liking on your Smart TV

One of the main actions you can take to improve your experience when using the Plex app on your smart TV is to customize fonts on the left panel of the screen. These accesses are preset at the beginning for those contents that Plex offers for free but, luckily, we can adjust ours own for easy access.

To carry out this process, you will have to do it in two parts:

  • The first is to remove those elements that you do not want to see in this panel. You just have to place the selector on the setting you want to delete, slide to the left and enter the 3-point menu. Here, select the “Unpin from side panel” option to make this item disappear. Now follow the process with all those content sources that you are not interested in having access to.
  • In the second part of the process we will have to go to all the content sources on our server or servers to add the one we want to have quick access to in this menu. It is as easy as accessing the “+” option in the side menu and displaying the content of each server that you have associated with your account. Click on the three-point menu of the item you want to add and click on the option “Set in the side panel”.

Then, if you want to go one step further and place these shortcuts in the order that you prefer, access the menu of the three points of each element to select the “Reorder” option. This will give you the possibility to modify the order at will.

Make Plex understand you better

One of the great advantages that Plex has is the automatic title recognition to assign infographics to the movies and series found within its database. This will allow us to know all the members of the cast, a description of the movie or series that we want to reproduce, their score according to different services and some more interesting details.

But of course, for this it is essential that we make it as easy as possible for this service so that it can recognize it. How can we facilitate this process? When adding a movie to our server, for example, we must add its name clearly and without it being cut or reduced. This way, Plex will assign all the pertinent information automatically.

Although, if this fails, we can always manually edit this information but, yes, from the access to our server on the computer, not from the Smart TV itself.

Force update to see the latest

One of the most common flaws we can find when using Plex is that, when adding new content, we cannot see the last elements from the player. This is because the server has failed to update the latest changes that have occurred in its storage.

But don't worry, this has an extremely simple solution. From your own Smart TV, go to the category where you have included new elements and enter the 3-point menu on the left side. Here select the option to “Scan Library Files”. This will force the update of all new content that was recently added to it. And voila, everything that this category contains should appear.

View friends' content on Plex from your Smart TV

Another of the great possibilities that this service presents is that of be able to access, or give access, to other users' servers. This will allow us to consult all the content that they allow us from their library, being able to easily share series, films, photographs, etc.

To give access to our library to another user, or for them to allow us to enter theirs, we will have to access our server from the computer:

  • Once here, enter the “+” option in the menu on the left to access all the servers synchronized with your account.
  • Now, hovering over the name of the server you want to share, click on the 3 dots menu and click on «share».
  • Here write the username or email of the person you want to give access and click on “next”.
  • Choose the sectors you want to share and select “Save”. The invitation will automatically be sent to that person.

When it accesses the invitation, you will be able to remotely view all the content you have on your server from your Smart TV.

Not just movies – store photos, music and more

It is a no-brainer that Plex is usually used in most occasions to store series and movies. But remember that we can also create our own music, podcast, or picture libraries.

This may be very useful when you have a visitor at home and you want to show the photo gallery of your last vacation to your friends, you want to be able to music from the television or listen to a podcast while doing other tasks. In addition, if you use the previous trick, you can give access to anyone remotely and that he himself can consult the content from his home.

Organize your content from the TV

You may be able to quickly manage and locate any item in your Plex library at first by not having much to look for. But, little by little, you will start to save more and more series, movies, files, photos and things will get complicated when you try to find something quickly.

A practical way to manage all of this is by creating collections or playlists. We will have to create them from our computer's server access, or from our own Smart TV. If, for example, you want to add the last movie you have uploaded to the library to a playlist, it is very easy to do. Enter it without actually playing it and, once here, click on the “More” option to then access the “Add to playlist” setting from this drop-down menu. From here you can add it to an already created list or create it yourself. If it is going to be a new one-off list, doing the process from the television is something simple but, if you want to organize an entire list of movies, it may be more practical to do it from the computer.

Watch movies with remote friends

Something quite interesting, and especially in these times, is the possibility of view content with friends “at the same time” but each one on their Smart TV. This setting will allow both of you to be watching the same movie or series at the same moment without having to be next to each other.

To be able to use this function, locate the content that you both want to see and, from the “More” option, click on “See with friends”. Select the person you want to invite and wait for them to receive and accept the message to see this item. When he accepts it from his television, that element will begin to play on both screens at the same time so, in addition, you can discuss what you are watching using a contact method.

Frozen Playback? Adjust the quality from your Smart TV

Another big problem that you can suffer when using Plex is that the streaming quality of the content is too high for your WiFi signal. If you do not have enough bandwidth, the movie or series you want to play will start to cut, freeze or will not be played at all. Therefore, we recommend that adjust the playback quality appropriately from your server settings. This can be done from your computer access, or from your smart TV.

From the Plex app on the Smart TV, go to the settings option on the gear icon on the main screen. Here, scroll down to the “Video quality” section and modify the parameters according to your needs. The home option is something that you should reduce only if your signal is incredibly poor. On the other hand, the “Remote Access” option is something that you should adjust to a higher or lower resolution depending on the connection of the place from where you want to access the server.

Manually download subtitles for your movies

If you are one of those who prefers to watch movies in the original version but with subtitles, this setting will come in handy. In the event that any of your content does not show these elements well or does not directly have them, you will be able to download subtitles manually on your TV.

To do this, enter the content you want to view and follow the following steps:

  • Select the movie you want to see and enter without actually playing it.
  • Press the “More” option and then, in this menu, select “Playback settings”. This section is where you can vary between the different audio tracks that this element has, being able to change the language, for example, or choose the subtitles associated with this movie. Access the subtitles, which is the section that interests us at this time.
  • Scroll down to the last option and select “More …”. Here you will see a list of all the subtitles available for this content and their causes
  • Click on any of them to download automatically.


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