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Marvel series, movies and drawings that (still) remain on Netflix

Marvel and Netflix: a little lasting courtship

The moment it seemed the best couple that could be formed ended up starring in one of the most famous breakups in the entertainment industry. Yes, we talked about the agreement between Marvel and Netflix, whose common project was announced at the end of 2013 with a clear objective: to dump new stories in the star format on the platform, to TV series, where Marvelian personals were absolute protagonists.

The idea could not be better. Everything that had to do with the Avengers and his independent films in the cinema worked like a charm, so creating television series for other well-known Marvel characters and having Netflix’s push and support to reach the public was almost betting on a winning horse. And so it was in the beginning: titles like Daredevil Y Jessica Jones they convinced critics quite a bit and although Luke Cage lowered the bar, he still had his followers. The worst foursome was, without a doubt, Iron fist, but still we all still wanted to see The Defensers, something like “the Avengers” in serial version with the four superheroes together.

The Defenders

Unlike the film Avengers, these did not curdle at all (or rather, nothing), so The punisher It came as a small breath of salvation … whose soda lasted rather shortly. After that we learned that the series began to be canceled in domino effect to confirm that Netflix and Marvel they broke Forever your agreement.

The main reason? It was noted that the high cost of the series plus the rights to pay did not compensate Netflix, although, without a doubt, the long shadow of Disney + It was already enough to reach us all. The new content service of the company that owns Marvel was not interested in having stories from the publisher distributed by the competition when its own catalog will be in charge of satisfying the longing of the UCM fans.

Jessica Jones

Things like that, some of these titles as well as films of the factory are still on Netflix, but we assume that sooner or later, they will disappear. If you want to take advantage to see them before that happens, we leave you below with the Marvel series and movies that you can see right now on the platform of the Red N – and that will be great for you to complement the series and movies based on comics that We met you recently. Take advantage of.

TV series to watch on Netflix

Many of the series you will know but surely some catch you by surprise. Anyway, you should take advantage now that they are still on Netflix to watch them.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Before all the aforementioned characters saw the light with Netflix, the platform already had a series signed by Marvel. These were Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., in which Phil Coulson brings together a group of specialized agents to investigate strange threats.

It has been the series with more seasons (6 neither more nor less), with 22 episodes each and about 40 minutes approx. of duration. You have to get bored.

| Watch on Netflix


It is still available to watch on Netflix. Consists of three seasons with 13 episodes each (the duration is about 50 minutes approx.).

He tells us the story of Matt Murdock, a blind superhero from a young age who acts as a lawyer during the day and at night watches over the streets of New York.

| Watch on Netflix

Jessica Jones

This private detective is perhaps the queen of the Marvel-Netflix idyll. A woman persecuted for her traumatic past who uses her powers to find her torturer and avoid further harm.

The format is the same as before: three seasons with 13 episodes each and an approximate duration of about 50 minutes.

| Watch on Netflix

Luke Cage

An ex-secretary with impenetrable skin is the protagonist of this story in which Luke tries to clear his name and, of course, watch over his neighborhood from the various threats he suffers.

This series stayed in two seasons, with 13 episodes each and a duration of about an hour.

| Watch on Netflix

Iron fist

As we say it is the character that has less pull, but like all the characters of Marvle, it also has its audience. Danny Rand, who was believed dead as a child, reappears in New York willing to take over his company and with incredible martial arts knowledge.

The proposal stalled in two seasons, like Luke Cage, with his corresponding 13 episodes and an average duration of about 50 minutes.

| Watch on Netflix

The punisher

This former marine decides to take revenge on those who killed his wife and children for witnessing a murder at the hands of the mafia. An antihero who seeks revenge.

The series consists, like most, of two seasons, again with 13 chapters in each one of them.

| Watch on Netflix

The Defenders

The one that was going to consecrate itself as the series that brought together (almost) all the superheroes together has miniseries format with only 8 episodes (They last about 50 minutes so you can see it in a short time). In this plot Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Falls and Iron Fist join forces to face a common enemy.

| Watch on Netflix

Iron Man – Armored Adventures (animated)

Yes, we also have an animated series in the catalog. In it we will see how Iron Man tries to discover the truth about his father’s mysterious death.

Consists of two seasons, with nothing less than 26 capitulazos each (and an average duration of 20 minutes).

| Watch on Netflix

Movies with the Marvel label

Are your films more than series? Then the thing gets somewhat more complicated although it is true that you can still find some available titles.

Hombre de Hierro

A classic among classics. In case you did not know, in your catalog you have the opportunity to see the first of the Iron Man movies and get so full into the universe of the avengers. Two hours of fun starring Robert Downey Jr. and released in 2008.

| Watch on Netflix

The incredible Hulk

The same year of Hombre de Hierro came the darkest version we’ve seen so far of Hulk. In fact, its protagonist is not the same one that comes out in the avengers plots, but is Edward Norton Who gives it life. It lasts an hour and 52 and explains well part of the suffering that this character has gone through.

| Watch on Netflix

The Amazing Spider-Man

Before Tom Holland gave life to Spider-Man, the person in charge of doing so was Andrew Garfield. This actor gets into the skin of Peter Parker, who learns to use his newly discovered powers.

| Watch on Netflix

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – The Power of Electro

The appearance of a new villain and the return of an old friend causes Peter Parker to believe that all his enemies have only one thing in common: the multinational Oscorp

| Watch on Netflix

The Punisher

Yes, this movie also made a movie, released in 2004, in which John Travolta appears by the way. The argument is the same as in the comics.

| Watch on Netflix

LEGO Super Heroes – Maximum Overload

A very short mini-movie (it only lasts 22 minutes) in which we see how Loki He is gathering an army to conquer the land. The Avengers will have to put the batteries and face it.

| Watch on Netflix

LEGO Avengers Reassembled!


22 minutes of footage to watch the Avengers fight against Ultron, who has managed to get the Iron man armor to conquer the world.

| Watch on Netflix

LEGO Black Panther

Taking advantage of that Black panther was already at the box office, Marvel also launched with LEGO this nice story, again 22 minutes long, in which Thanos is allied with other villains to destroy the land. Black Panther will be in charge of dealing with it, of course with the participation of other avengers.

| Watch on Netflix

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