Iron Man fans will have to wait a few months before they can embody the hero in the iron suit. The upcoming Iron Man VR (virtual reality) for PlayStation, developed by Camouflaj, will be delayed until May. According to what the studio posted on Twitter, the game will actually be released on May 15th.

Originally, Iron Man VR would come out on February 28th. However to “keep the original vision and meet community expectations” the game will be delayed. Getting an Iron Man simulator to work well in virtual reality is not at all easy and Camouflaj obviously wants the title to pay off in stores.

The truth is that if development is the reason for the delay, it is good for Camouflaj to work hard. The trailer for Iron Man VR came out in March 2019 and reactions were mixed. Many community players were delighted to embody Tony Stark but others found the game mediocre and “bland.”

Avengers game also delayed

A traditional game, titled Marvel’s Avengers, is also under development in this case by the Crystal Dynamics studio (Tomb Raider). However, the studio also announced a delayed release of the game, in this case scheduled for September.

It is speculated that this delay will have a negative impact on the game’s release. After all, we got the movie Black Widow in May, which represented a perfect joint release opportunity. September is already the end of the summer movie season, which will not help boost sales of the game.

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