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M9 TV Box latest 4.4.2 Firmware Download

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Qualcomm promises to outperform Apple’s AirPods Pro. You see.

North American Qualcomm recently announced Adaptive Noise Cancellation technology, or dynamic noise cancellation for wireless headsets,...

Android – LG G7 to arrive after Samsung Galaxy S9

2018 has just begun and very soon we will have two major market launches mobile. Two...

Huawei P20: Don't you like the monocle? There is a way to "disable" it

The Huawei P20 and P20 Pro were officially unveiled yesterday in Paris. The Chinese company event...

Mark Zuckerberg: The Man Who Laughs at the Worst Moments

The Facebook CEO is anything but a consensus figure. Anyone who attended the F8 developer conference knows that the big banner was "the future is private." Mark Zuckerberg came on stage with a promise of change, but couldn't bear the laugh.

This is no longer the first time. It feels like Zuckerberg always laughs at the worst times. “We know we don't have the best reputation for privacy,” he said before silencing, what number of stand up.

mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg lives in a world apart

It is impossible to believe in someone (as if it were still possible) when one laughs after saying that things are going to be different now. Zuckerberg seems to live in a world of his own, where security is not a problem.

Zuckerberg's laughter over this subject is a white-gloved stab at everyone who over the past few years has seen his data exposed. Facebook as we know it will not lose its reputation, even if Zuckerberg stops laughing after each statement.

facebook new design

The look of the social network will change, as announced. Looking at the image above, we see a cleaner, Twitter-like look. In addition, dark mode should also reach this social network. But are there enough reasons to resurrect her?

The truth is that Zuckerberg tried to make a joke about privacy and obviously no one laughed. Wired writes that Zuckerberg is the author of the phrase "if we don't create the thing that will kill Facebook, someone will." What Facebook needs is to get rid of itself, and move on.

EBox editors recommend:

This is an opinion article, and reflects the author's view on Mark Zuckerberg's latest statements about privacy

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