Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS: Know when you'll be able to accelerate

Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS: Know when you'll be able to accelerate

This is one of the most anticipated games by Nintendo fans in recent times. Inspired by the already classic Mario Kart, arrives this day September 25th Mario Kart Tour for Android and iOS devices.

One day after its release, Nintendo has revealed what time the game will be available. It has been confirmed by Nintendo that you will start to accelerate from the 9 am in continental UK, and 4 am in Brasilia.

After many months of waiting, it is with joy that any fan of the “mustache” racing game receives this release. In the trailer below, you get a first look at the next game.

If you're interested in being the first to play the new Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo makes life easier for you. Just go to the store indicated, and you can pre-register to show interest in downloading immediately:

Mario Kart Tour Pre-Registration for Android

Mario Kart Tour Pre-Registration for iOS

As soon as you do so, you will be notified immediately as soon as the game becomes available. However, you should be aware that it is best to keep expectations low for this title.

The potential of Mario Kart Tour in mobile is huge, especially in the online aspect. But Nintendo has a habit of making its mobile games big money boosters. We'll see if they follow the same path in the racing game.

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