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Man implants his Tesla Model 3's key hand!

We can say that Tesla drivers and car lovers are technology lovers. Well, this American, Ben Workman, has gone a step further by implementing the key of his Tesla Model 3 in his hand.

That is, to open your car, Ben, simply puts your hand on the car door and opens the doors just as you start it.

It was not easy to find someone to deploy the Tesla Model 3 key in hand

However, this is a story of insistence. Ben says he tried doctors, vets or even tattoo artists to make this small but unsuccessful implant.

Eventually he was able to convince a family member to make this small cut and implant. Something that didn't work with the Tesla key either.

Tesla Turnkey

Eventually managed to convince a tattoo artist to do the work. The keys work just fine and Ben now opens the door of his Tesla Model 3 with his hand on the door.

But the implants don't stop here

Ben wasn't just for Tesla's key. Ben Workman accesses your work computer, also employee-restricted workplace ports, or even shares NFC contacts via your smartphone.

Ben even installed a small magnet in his hand to do tricks for friends. A trick that will fascinate anyone at a dinner party.

Implants of these are increasingly "normal"

It is not quite normal to see people with car keys implanted in their wrists. However, such requests have been increasing in recent years.

Biohacking has been gaining more and more fans worldwide. It remains for us to know what these people will do when technology advances further. They will have to undergo surgery to implement the technology and more surgery to upgrade them to the latest technology.

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